Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Giveaway Update!

Only 16 days and 20 hours and the giveaway is officially over!

This giveaway started last January 30, 2014. And I know, I was late on the update. But guys does it matter? All you need to do is to watch the video above, listen to the mechanics and read more info on the description box. Of course you have to be subscribed on her channel. You also have to follow some accounts, post about the giveaway etc. because it is a requirement from Rafflecopter. But aside from that, all you have to do is to keep your rafflecopter entries updated and you'll get the chance to win 40 books!

It's that easy. Take note that the books are not brand new but so what? It's still a book. :)

So get your hand clickin' that video above to find out more and GOODLUCK to all of us! 

XOXO, Risse.


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