Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review Policy

I am not accepting reviews as of the moment. I still accept guest posts, giveaways, book feature, author feature and cover reveals. 

Feel free to scan my policy though. :)

Note that I do reviews without any bias, and that I don't accept payments for reviewing books.
I accept books from publishers and authors (even self-published ones). I will be glad to support and review books of newly published authors. 

All books that will be sent to me are considered for review, but I won't promise anything. I may have problems with not finishing the book especially if it bores me. I normally continue on with a book even when I get bored with it, just to see how it ends, but don't blame me for negative reviews. I give honest reviews based from what I've felt while reading it.

I am very much active on posting my reviews on this blog and on Goodreads. I immediately post reviews as soon as I finish the book. Reminder: It might also take a while to finish a book (a week maybe) since I go to school and have other priorities at home.

Favored Genres:

Young Adult
  • Contemporary/Romance
  • Paranormal/Romance
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy (dystopian)
  • Paranormal (especially those related with angels and vampires 
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Myths (esp. Egyptian and Greek)
  • Adventure
  • Fairytale Retellings

Genres that I want to try out:

I may or may not have read books in the genres.

  • Thriller/Mysteries
  • paranormal -wolves
  • Historical Fiction
  • Epic/High Fantasy
  • Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic
  • Steampunk

Genres that I DONT read:

(but can possibly consider, I'm not closing my doors!)
  • Comedic
  • Non-fiction
  • Horror
  • Action/Conspiracy
  • LGBT fiction (no offense!)


I prefer physical copies as of the moment. I rarely accept eBooks, so please indicate in your mail whether you are willing to send a physical copy worldwide or if your book is only available as an eBook. I am from the Philippines. I also accept ARCs but please indicate it on your e-mail together with the Title, Author's Name, Synopsis and the expected date of publication of the book.

Unsolicited Books:

Unsolicited books from trusted publishers and authors will also be considered for review. There are no problems with you automatically sending me your book for review but, if ever I don't have any plans on reading the books, I will pass it on to another blogger and send their e-mails to the sender of the book. Again, I won't promise to review every book sent to me.

Contact Me:

For review requests, guest posts, request for interview, cover reveals etc. please e-mail me via my personal email:

I would love to hear from you! And, a lot of authors are confused which name to address me. Please use Ziara or Clarisse. Hannah is just a name I used for my email when I was a fan of Hannah Montana. Sorry!

Thank you. x


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