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Spotlights On You - The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver

The Bodies Left Behind
by Jeffery Deaver

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Published by: Hodder & Stoughton on January 1, 2008
Genres:  Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Pages:  498
Source:  Warehouse Sale Event @ National Bookstore
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

When a night-time call to 911 from a secluded Wisconsin vacation house is cut short, offduty deputy Brynn McKenzie leaves her husband and son at the dinner table and drives up to Lake Mondac to investigate. Was it a misdial or an aborted crime report?Brynn stumbles onto a scene of true horror and narrowly escapes from two professional criminals. She and a terrified visitor to the weekend house, Michelle, flee into the woods in a race for their lives. As different as night and day, and stripped of modern-day resources, Brynn, a tough deputy with a difficult past, and Michelle, a pampered city girl, must overcome their natural reluctance to trust each other and learn to use their wits and courage to survive the relentless pursuit. The deputy's disappearance spurs both her troubled son and her new husband into action, while the incident sets in motion Brynn's loyal fellow deputies and elements from Milwaukee's underside. These various forces race along inexorably toward the novel's gritty and stunning conclusion.

"The Bodies Left Behind" is an epic cat-and-mouse chase, told nearly in real-time, and is filled with Deaver's patented twists and turns, where nothing is what it seems, and death lingers just around the next curve on a deserted path deep in the midnight forest.

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Over-all Comment:

This book is very fascinating, fast-paced, and heart pounding. I highly recommend this for all thriller lovers out there!


The cover was very plain if you would consider the typography/font. Even the cover photograph is actually simple. But what makes it scary-looking are the dark shades of color. The whole front cover looks very persuading and thrilling which I really liked.


I love the fact that the protagonist in this book is a woman. Especially because the author is a guy. For him to use a female character is awesome. He showcased the abilities of women, not only as police officers, but in other jobs as well.

Deputy Brynn McKenzie was assigned to go to a vacation house where a 911 call was cut short. Next thing she knew, she was standing in the middle of a crime scene and was already the next victim by Hart and his partner- who were the killers of the Feldmans.

Even just reading the synopsis gave me goosebumps. And more when I read the book. Every chapter was action packed and full of twists. As you go on with it, a lot of questions will build up in your mind. Deaver constantly drops off clues that is useful for a certain chapter. I'm giving you a tip here: Pay attention to every single detail, even the small ones! Because in the end those details will help you decipher something. And it was so freaking surprising!

This book is almost pefect! If you're a Marvel fan, I think you will enjoy this. Why? Simple. Like all Marvel movies, The Bodies Left Behind is full of unexpected twists and turns. You will never know what happens unless you turn that page.


Jeffery Deaver is the author of twenty-seven suspense novels, including the New York Times bestsellers The Vanished Man, The Stone Monkey, The Blue Nowhere, The Empty Chair, The Devil's Teardrop, and The Coffin Dancer, as well as Edge, Roadside Crosses, The Bone Collector, Speaking in Tongues and Garden of Beasts . As William Jefferies, he is the author of Shallow Graves, Bloody River Blues, and Hell's Kitchen. He is a five-time Edgar Award nominee, an Anthony Award nominee, and a three-time recipient of the Ellery Queen Reader's Award for Best Short Story of the Year. His books are sold in more than 150 countries and translated into 25 languages. Deaver was born in Chicago, attended the University of Missouri, and received a law degree                                    from Fordham University in New York.


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