Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cover Reveal : Angel Eyes by Mary Beth Lee

"As a teenager Sharlene chose to be a survivor. As a Guardian, she helps others make that choice."

I have recently posted a review about Dead Girl Walking by Mary Beth Lee. It is the first book in the Guardian trilogy. It was so so so great you can check this link if you haven't yet: Dead Girl Walking by Mary Beth Lee (Book Review + Interview)

The second book in the trilogy is up as well, being 'An Angel Earns Her Wings'. 

'The Guardian Trilogy' is basically about Sharlene Gallagher, a superstar gone missing. Rumors says she was murdered. And Addison proved it. Addison is a girl that can see ghosts. Before she only had to tell them to go to the light, but Sharlene's a bit different. She is an angel on a test.

I haven't read the second book but I would love too! But without further ado, here it is. The cover of the third book, "Angel Eyes."

Angel Eyes
by Mary Beth Lee

Expected Publication:
July 20

Genres:  Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery
Pages:  217

Le book blurb:

New Case, New Charge, New Choices. 
Sharlene Gallagher's new charge, Dagan Miller, knows about the sinister side of the world. Dagan’s little sister is missing. Sharlene doesn’t know if the disappearance is why she’s been assigned to protect Dagan. She does know she’ll be able to help Dagan one way or another. 
The last thing Sharlene expects to discover is another Guardian at her new school. Another Guardian who seems sketchy even though he’s totally gorgeous. 
But Sharlene knows all about gorgeous guys. Add Guardian to the mix, and she figures there’s a world of danger she never knew existed. A world that could get her killed. And while she might be dead already, dying as an angel would mean no more helping others and going to the light, so that’s out of the question. 
What’s not out of the question? Finding out who kidnapped Dagan Miller’s little sister and why Dagan’s life is at risk. What Sharlene doesn’t know is the second Guardian is only one of the dangers to her in town. Figuring out the others will be key to not only saving Dagan’s life but hers as well. 

Angel EyesA Sharlene Gallagher mystery, The Guardian Book 3 by Mary Beth Lee.

What I think about it ...

Really? Really? Okay, I never read the second book so I am not particularly sure if Addison's character is still in here. But duh, I needed her. I hope she was actually in the 2nd and 3rd book. But basing on the blurb, that's sorta impossible. One, because Sharlene's the main character and two, I think this is a completely different story. The only similarity is that Sharlene's still a ghost and she's still on a test I bet. I am really excited to be reading the second book and marathon-ing up to this last book! Mark your calendars! This book is a must-buy!

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