Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's Happening? - Bittersweet Blogger Days

I know guys, I should be slapped in the face. I never got the chance to post here anymore. IM SORRY!

Here's the thing, I've been on hiatus for the month of July and August because of school. And also because I have to apply for college. That took a lot of my time! So I really really really apologize for not posting for two months! I know that that is a whole lot of days to miss!


Since I finished all of that, I hope and wish that I can continue on with this blog page cause I miss doing posts so much! You don't know how much pain and sacrifice I made by not reading any books in two months. That's so heartbreaking. I really hope to get back on track sooner or later.

That will be it for now. I'll check on you guys soon!