Friday, October 31, 2014

If I Stay - Movie Review

Hello gals! I am officially back! Although I can't start with all the REVIEWS yet but still...

Just a little more patience from all of you. I just have to finish my 3rd Quarter in school and I'll be back on track. I'll try to post as much as I can. This'll be more on Excerpts, Giveaways etc. 

Either ways, I hope you'll still find this blog as helpful as it should be. 

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Honestly, I haven't read this book yet. It is so EMBARRASSING (I know.) There are a lot of bookworms saying that this was a great book so I decided to watch it instead.

First was the trailer. There were FEELS all over the TRAILER! It was so amazing I almost cried! Especially because the song "Say Something" matches the movie. Here, check it out if you haven't yet:

If I Stay - Trailer # 1

If I Stay - Trailer # 2

The MOVIE though, wasn't exactly what I expected. It was cool. And if I were to rate it, I'm giving it 3.7 out of 5 shimmering stars. The entire film was gloomy, sad, and every word related to it. If this is really how it was pictured in the book, well then I'm sorry but this is a MOVIE basis. Moving on, the sadness in this movie is not the typical one that would make you cry, it would just make you stare at the screen like, "Oh, that's tragic, really." It's not too dramatic which is both good and bad. In the trailer, I imagined myself to be a crybaby at the movie house but I only cried towards the ending. It was a good thing I guess. I'd also hate it to be over dramatic. 

Story-wise, I am rating it 6 out of 5 stars! Ha! I loved the plot. The characters. Everything. Except for its gloominess like I said awhile ago. So it's not really everything. Okay. That's really confusing.

What else .. what else? Oh. Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley was superb! They were amazing. Aaaaand, those kissing scenes? Awwmygaaad. Didn't realize Chloe has already grown into a lady! And such a great peerformance from Jamie Blackley Wonderful, wonderful voice I may say.

In ending this I give you a gif from If I Stay. Not much of a spoiler, don't worry.